Sami Zayn is bullied by everyone


Sami Zayn is bullied by everyone

During the night that had passed for a few hours, WWE staged its episode of Raw 30, dedicated to its thirtieth anniversary of the red show. To open the episode there was the famous "trial of Sami Zayn", with the Canadian athlete who, as we reported during the last news, was found innocent by the Tribal Chief: Roman Reigns.
After feeling the thrill of being held responsible for some acts against the Bloodline for a few minutes, Sami Zayn recovered from the shock and also led his team to an all-important victory.

Given that Jimmy Uso suffered an unspecified injury shortly before the evening, Jey's twin brother was unable to take part in the titled contest against Judgment Day. Thus, Sami Zayn took Jimmy's place, who speaking with Adam Pearce, he convinced the official to be included in the match, as a replacement for Jimmy, since he is also part of the Bloodline.

In the end it was the "Usos" who won the match, with Sami Zayn who together with Jey Uso hit Dominik Mysterio with the 1D, putting an end to the dispute and keeping the titles for them, which otherwise, in case of a missed match, they would be snatched away by the company's official to the couple.

Sami Zayn abused by everyone

During the last WWE live event held at the end of last year, there was yet another face-to-face between the two friends-enemies for life, Canadians Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. During the match that was taking place, Sami Zayn also had a very heated argument with the referee of the contest, Jessika Carr, who was provoked for several seconds by the Canadian and who responded with deeds to words.

After several seconds of insults from Zayn, Carr literally hit the WWE athlete with a Stunner, knocking him out, with Kevin Owens performing a second Stunner on his old friend, going on to win the contest in which they were both engaged.

Obviously, the move performed by the referee sent the fans present in the arena into raptures, who began to scream in celebration, above all because it was Sami Zayn who was beaten up, one of the athletes who in recent years has been most mistreated by all the WWE roster.

Veteran wrestling manager Dutch Mantell recently gave his two cents on the possibility of Sami Zayn leaving WWE. "Some people are posting online, 'How many people will quit?' and I'm thinking, well, I don't even see Sami quitting, really," Mantell said.

"I don't see Kevin Owens quitting. You've gotta put it back in a personal vein. You're sitting in WWE and you're making two million dollars a year. Are you gonna have a political ideology dictate your income?"

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