Backstage details on Becky Lynch's status


Backstage details on Becky Lynch's status

Although WWE had created a lot of hype around the special episode of Raw is XXX by announcing the presence of many legends and communicating to the WWE Universe that it would attend some epic matches, something went wrong.

In fact, in a very strange segment Damage CTRL attacked Becky Lynch inside the Steel Cage not allowing her to be able to fight against Bayley and thus leading the management to cancel the match leaving many fans disappointed and angry.

Fighftul Select reported in an article of his (registration required), with transcript made by various sites including WrestlingNews, that the original plans included two different segments for this challenge, one dedicated to the entrance of the athletes and one to the match itself.

The problem, however, is that the initial segment of the Bloodline took up so much time that WWE, of all the things present in the card, decided to cut this very important match counting that it was the first Raw female Steel Cage after 19 years.

since there were two options: either to have a two-minute match or to opt for the angle they did and then have a long and worthy match later on, and of course they chose the second option.

New details on Becky Lynch

Obviously, given the very important episode to celebrate 30 years of Raw, disappointed fans flocked to social networks who wanted to comment on the matter by saying how little importance was given to women who actually contributed to making the red show what it is today , highlighting that WWE has perhaps given space to a segment like that of DX rather than the two Horsewomen, when we only recently had a reunion of the stable, so everything could have been handled differently.

At the end of 2022, Becky Lynch herself wanted to send a message to her fans that could lift their spirits with the hope that 2023 will proceed better than it started for her:" […] a huge thank you to the fans for letting me to entertain them and I look forward to doing much more in 2023”.

Jeff Dye recently recalled how Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair's friendship deteriorated during their WWE rivalry in 2018. "I hope I'm not sharing too much here, but they would take it really personal. Like when her and Charlotte were feuding, I would listen to her be like, 'I can't believe Charlotte's actually getting mad at me.'

I was like, 'You guys do know this is a storyline, right? You guys don't have to actually be upset with each other for this to work.' "

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