Karrion Kross recalls his WWE release

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Karrion Kross recalls his WWE release

Current SmackDown superstar Karrion Kross has been reflecting on his return to WWE under the management of Triple H. The former NXT champion had been released from the company in November 2021 along with his wife Scarlett due to budget cuts related to the outbreak of the pandemic.

Against all odds, the duo returned during an episode of SmackDown that aired shortly before Clash at the Castle. In a recent interview granted to the magazine 'My San Antonio', Kross revealed what he thought immediately after his release: "I wasn't at all sure that I would be able to return to WWE, but I never gave up.

Professionally, I've had the chance to go in many different directions and explore new fields. I used that time when I was free to grow further and strengthen myself. I honed my strengths and improved in so many aspects. I discovered new layers of myself”.

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The last two weeks have been very tumultuous for WWE. The sensational return of Vince McMahon has once again turned the cards on the table, as well as having posed a series of questions about the future of the company.

Vince was elected as executive chairman of the board, while his daughter Stephanie resigned to everyone's amazement. There are also rumors that the company is in the process of being sold. In this regard, Karrion Kross was keen to reassure the fans: “I know very well that there are many rumors, it is inevitable after what happened.

I've talked to many people in the industry and none of them are really worried or fearful of losing their job. We are all ready to adapt. We go on day by day waiting to know for sure what will happen. In the meantime, let's try to remain optimistic." Less and less until the Royal Rumble, the first big PPV of 2023, which will be held on Saturday 28 January in San Antonio.

Despite the climate of great uncertainty, fans expect thrills and twists. WWE Superstar Karrion Kross shared his thoughts on getting released from the company last year. "It was the first time I had seen my family in about two years because they were out in New York.

We were visiting the East Coast and I got the call, both [Scarlett Bourdeaux] of us got calls on my way to dropping her off at the airport and there was literally no time to discuss anything. She was getting out of the car to take a flight home, back to Orlando from Newark, and we got the calls from the car."