Update on Cody Rhodes' WWE return

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Update on Cody Rhodes' WWE return

Brandi Rhodes spoke about her husband Cody Rhodes' form a few days before the Royal Rumble 2023. According to betting sites, 'The American Nightmare' is currently the main favorite to win the royal brawl. This would eventually lead him to fight for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 39.

We recall that the former AEW star has been in the pits for several months due to a torn pectoral muscle remedied on the eve of Hell in a Cell 2022. Steve Fall's guest in the latest edition of 'Ten Count', Brandi Rhodes reflected on her husband's return to WWE: "The story of Cody trying in every way to win the world title is the most intriguing ever.

The injury didn't take it, but the way he was received by the WWE Universe was beautiful. From the moment he set foot back in WWE, a synergy with the truly special audience was created. I can't wait for you to get back in the ring.

He worked hard to get back in shape. Yesterday I accompanied him to the physiotherapist and we were able to see the progress made in the last few weeks. His looks are better than ever. He's still the same Cody to me, even though he's had major surgery.

He hasn't lost muscle mass and can't wait to get back into the game. He seems ready to me”.

Update on Cody Rhodes' status

No one expected to see Cody Rhodes back in WWE last year, especially considering that Cody was one of the founders of All Elite Wrestling in 2019.

The 37-year-old from Marietta has proven to be much more mature than his first experience in WWE, which ended in 2016 to general amazement. In the latest edition of the 'Drive Thru' podcast, former WWE manager Jim Cornette said that the company has big plans for Cody Rhodes: "I believe WWE will do everything possible to bring Cody back to the top.

The reason they didn't keep the news of his return a secret is that there was no need to. Everyone is eagerly awaiting Cody's return and can't wait to see him in the ring." On the latest edition of The Bro Show, WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page along with Vince Russo spoke about how Cody Rhodes has been handled so far.

"I loved that moment where he said "wrestlers". They're called superstars - it's a title, not a belt. To me, we're wrestlers and superstars - it kind of intermixes. I love what they're doing with Cody. I love how they brought him in, couldn't have brought a better guy to work with. The match he had at WrestleMania was amazing. He had a great match with Miz [on RAW]."

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