WWE edited a segment of Raw 30 at the last second

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WWE edited a segment of Raw 30 at the last second

During tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw, called Raw 30 for the anniversary of the thirtieth year of broadcasting of the WWE red show, the company staged the "trial of Sami Zayn", or a trial carried out by the Bloodline in against the Canadian who was added to the team a few months ago.

The wrestler friend of Kevin Owens was unexpectedly saved by Jey Uso, who made Roman Reigns think, exonerating Zayn, but as we have already reported in the past few hours, instead of this segment, WWE should have staged another segment, that of the coronation of Roman Reigns by the Anoa'i family.

Speaking of when WWE changed its mind on the matter, the well-known Dave Meltzer thought about it in the last few hours, speaking to the microphones of the Wrestling Observer podcast, who declared: "The plans were that there shouldn't be any trial.

It was just something that then came out to plug the hole they had from the original idea. Whatever happened to Smackdown was eventually changed, to build what was needed for the process. Whatever they planned was staged to get to the coronation ceremony and that's it, but I can't imagine that whatever they did in a few hours was even better than what they had to do."

New details on Raw 30

In practice, just a few hours before the live broadcast of Friday Night Smackdown, WWE hastily changed its plans, radically changing one of the most important segments of the entire episode dedicated to Raw 30.

After feeling the thrill of being held responsible for some acts against the Bloodline for a few minutes, Sami Zayn recovered from the shock and also led his team to an all-important victory. Since Jimmy Uso suffered an unspecified injury shortly before the evening, Jey's twin brother was unable to take part in the titled match against Judgment Day.

To take Jimmy's place tonight, it was Sami Zayn himself, who speaking with Adam Pearce, convinced the official to be included in the match, as a replacement for Jimmy, since he too is part of the Bloodline. In the end it was the "Usos" who won the match, with Sami Zayn who together with Jey Uso hit Dominik Mysterio with the 1D, putting an end to the dispute and keeping the titles for them, which otherwise, in case of a missed match, they would be snatched away by the company's official to the couple.

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