There was a big surprise during Raw 30


There was a big surprise during Raw 30

During the Raw 30 episode that aired on Monday night, WWE offered several great matches and segments for its loyal audience that has been following it for 30 years now. Within the card of the event, there should also have been a Steel cage match between Becky Lynch and Bayley, which as we reported yesterday morning, however, did not go on stage due to the too short timing due to the segment too long of the trial of Sami Zayn.

In the last few hours, the well-known site PW Insider wanted to report the news that in theory, Becky Lynch should have won the contest inside the cage, only to be attacked by the entire Damage CTRL after her victory. In its latest update, the well-known site reported: "The steel cage match between Becky Lynch and Bayley was not planned like this on tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw, PW Insider has confirmed.

The original plan for Becky was to win and then be KO'd by Damage CTRL."

Raw 30 gave emotions

In one of her last speeches on the microphones of That's What She Said, Becky Lynch wanted to talk in general about her career in the world of wrestling, also focusing on the moments of fear she experienced due to the numerous road trips with WWE.

About the scariest thing she had ever experienced, she Becky thus spoke of an accident that almost cost her her life together with Charlotte Flair, while the two were traveling in a car together: "It's probably when I almost died.

So, there was Charlotte and I driving from one live event to another and we were on the road. We were in Detroit and two cars started doing a real race with us in the middle and I didn't have time to say 'What the f **o did they almost...

and boom!' We were rammed into and hit a wall, because we skidded the car for a long way. I looked at Charlotte and she was completely covered in red—she which turned out to be my meal that was placed in the backseat—but I thought it was blood at first." WWE has apparently changed plans heading into Raw 30.

"I thought there was a decent chance that these multiple generations acknolwdging Roman Reigns, would make a comment about him being right up there with The Rock, somehow planting a seed for a match at WrestleMania. If Rock isn't doing Wresltmania, there isn't a point in having this acknowledgment ceremony. Perhaps that's why it was changed," said Meltzer.