Latest news on Stone Cold Steve Austin's schedule

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Latest news on Stone Cold Steve Austin's schedule

In the last year there has been a lot of talk about Stone Cold Steve Austin, the legendary athlete who made the WWE Attitude Era very famous, with his unforgettable feud with Vince Mcmahon, who at last year's Wrestlemania returned to fight after 19 years, against Kevin Owens.

Apparently, the plans for Austin were to also appear in action at Summerslam, but the WWE Hall of Famer would have declined this offer, with a dry no intended for the McMahons. This indiscretion was reported by the well-known site Ringside News, which first spoke of the possible plans for Austin for Wrestlemania 39, speaking first of Roman Reigns and then of Brock Lesnar as his possible opponents and then focused instead on the plans for Summerslam 2022.

According to the site's journalists, WWE would have offered a match against an undefined opponent at the moment in Austin for SummerSlam, but the athlete would have declined the offer, as he did for the match against Lesnar for the next Wrestlemania.

Backstage news on Stone Cold Steve Austin

As we know, the Road to WrestleMania is about to begin, in fact, this Saturday 28 January there will be the Royal Rumble, an event that will host its characteristic Royal Rumble Matches, both male and female, where two challengers will be chosen for two champions to be sent to the main event of the Showcase of the Immortals.

In all of this, WWE is obviously also working on the rest of the show's card, already thinking about which challenges in singles or couples it will be able to offer its fans on the two WrestleMania evenings and one of the names that has been written in the plans is precisely that of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

According to a report by Fightful Select (registration required), and as transcribed for us by Inside The Ropes, WWE had proposed a very important match to the Texas Rattlesnake, in fact it seemed they wanted to send him against Roman Reigns.

The Austin team had been approached with the idea of doing just this potentially epic fight and apparently WWE made the proposal by putting a large amount in the middle. As we have seen from the words of Ringside News, however, this proposal seems to have never been made to WWE's Rattlesnake.

Former WWE head writer Vince Russo has slammed the company's booking of Kevin Owens, stating that the latter is a "far cry" from Stone Cold Steve Austin. "If you have casual fans tuning into this, I swear to God what every casual fan is saying is, 'Does this guy actually think he's Steve Austin? Because he's not Steve Austin.' As a matter of fact, he's a far cry from [him]. I hate them painting him in a Steve Austin role."

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