Mandy Rose reveals the most embarrassing moment of her WWE career


Mandy Rose reveals the most embarrassing moment of her WWE career

Former NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose recently revealed the most embarrassing moment of her WWE career. After spending nearly two years in the developmental territory, Mandy made her main roster debut on Monday Night Raw in 2017.

Following a brief stint on SmackDown, Rose returned to Raw in 2020 to form a world-class tag team with Dana Brooke. The two women worked together for about a year, before splitting when Mandy moved to NXT. Rose was in WWE for nearly seven years, during which time she held the NXT Women's Championship for an impressive 413 days.

However, the company dropped her last month due to content Mandy posted on her 'FanTime' page. Such content was a violation of the contractual agreements between Rose and WWE.

Mandy Rose's confession

During an Instagram Q&A, a fan asked Mandy Rose to reveal the most embarrassing moment of her career.

The former NXT champion did not shy away from the question, posting a photo depicting her famous slide during her entrance to WrestleMania 37. In the latest edition of the 'Story Time' podcast, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell has reflected on Mandy's impressive earnings from 'FanTime' platform.

“I don't think Mandy Rose misses WWE so much” – Mantell began bluntly. “However, she has to admit that without her WWE she would never have become as popular. It looks like she made a million dollars in the month of December alone, it's crazy.

If that's what she likes, I suggest you go ahead. This is how capitalism works ”- he added. During his podcast 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff talked about Mandy Rose's next moves: “A lot of people say that Mandy could go to AEW.

I don't see what she would be doing there if she's making more money in what she does now than she could pocket in two years of AEW." NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose recently addressed retirement from WWE and professional wrestling.

"I do [think about life after wrestling]. Yeah, I always do. I mean, I'm 32, I'm not young, I mean I'm young but, you know, I wanna have kids one day, so it's not like I'm gonna do this for, you know. And I would love to do it for however long I can do it, even after kids, you know, maybe.

But I do try to think about that," she said. "I do try to set myself up and that's why I have Damandyz Donuts brand, I have my Amarose skincare line. And I'm just really trying to focus on those kind of brands where I can work from home, I can, if I do, you know, wanna have kids one day and have that family life, I wanna make it easy for me."

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