Ricochet talks about Triple H

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Ricochet talks about Triple H

After Vince Mcmahon's farewell last summer, it had emerged that morale within the WWE was really high with Triple H taking on the role of Chief Content Officer of the company. All this has not changed even after Vince's return as executive president, HHH in fact still remained in charge of the creative direction of the WWE and in the backstage the atmosphere would always be calm.

In his past at NXT, several stars have already worked with him, so having him in charge for many is not a huge change. One who thinks this way is Ricochet. The former intercontinental champion recently spoke about his relationship with The Game, in an interview granted to Stephanie Chase.

Ricochet opens up on Triple H

On his relationship with Triple H, Ricochet said: "I think since NXT days and probably even before, Triple H has always been a fan of mine. He has always liked my style and what I do. He appreciates me so much but and our relationship has been pretty good since the first day we met.

I've always been open about communication and the same goes for him. If I ever have an idea or anything like that, I can talk to him calmly and understand whether it can be done or not". After several years of turning heads around the world on the independent scene, Ricochet signed with WWE in 2018.

At NXT he quickly became one of the main figures on the show chasing the North American title until he won in August, also taking part in the second WarGames match and also taking home the 2019 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic with Aleister Black.

Since joining the main roster, Ricochet captured the United States and Intercontinental titles during his stints on Raw and SmackDown. Recently, he allied himself with Braun Strowman to fight the Imperium. A collaboration aimed at making Strowman regain some of the trust lost by fans and colleagues.

34-year-old Trevor Dean Mann, popularly known as Ricochet to WWE fans, has been working his way and seems destined for more. "I think the internet cares more about it than the wrestlers do," Ricochet said. "For the most part, everybody backstage, they just want to make something together.

They want to make a work of art for you guys. I don't think anyone really cares about the styles of anyone else. So, if you're really hearing it, it's usually from more of the internet speakers than it actually is the locker room."

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