Triple H stars in a hilarious segment


Triple H stars in a hilarious segment

During the night of Monday, WWE aired Raw 30, an episode of the red show dedicated to the show's thirtieth year of broadcasting. The event was obviously also attended by the legends of the company, such as The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan or DX.

Just the latter, became the protagonists of a very funny comic curtain, in which, however, there was also room for a real professor's stick from Triple H, against his lifelong friend: Shawn Michaels. After a while that DX spoke into the microphone, in fact, Triple H would be heard making his debut against HBK with the words: "Stop turning your back to the main camera!".

To report the sentence that seems to have escaped most fans, but that going back and seeing the show you can hear clearly, were the pages of the Ringside News site, which reported how HBK's error was brought ahead because the ex-athlete was too busy looking at the titantron and the edge-ring, not to see to obstruct the shot.

You can see at 1:40 of the video uploaded by WWE on his Youtube channel, how HBK takes the Triple's words literally and literally jumps into the right pose in a very hilarious way.

Triple H is a true legend

As it turns out, WWE, thanks to this historic show, has made its umpteenth record in terms of its audience, with Monday's show seeing the highest paid audience in Monday Night Raw history, from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

WWE itself officially announced the record on its official website, where the company wrote: "Raw XXX was a defining night for the red brand and brought in the highest attendance in Monday Night Raw history. A sold-out crowd at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center witnessed Sami Zayn's trial in Tribal Court, an iconic moment shared between Bray Wyatt and The Undertaker, a Kurt Angle joining DX, the return of the Beast Brock Lesnar and much more.

Thank you WWE Universe for this unforgettable Raw XXX!" The Bloodline has been WWE's most dominant faction for years, although a Triple H move has slightly altered their title situation. “The idea right now on the tag team front is that there are two sets of belts.

The Usos are champions, but the Raw and Smackdown belts are different. This is a new Paul Levesque move and it does allow the Usos to lose one set of belts and keep the other. It was explained to me that the hope is it makes fans think it’s more likely somebody beats them for one set of belts,” wrote Meltzer.

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