Backstage details on Bianca Belair's status

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Backstage details on Bianca Belair's status

The female Royal Rumble, compared to the male one, has a much shorter history since it was only established in 2018 following everything that happened in the meantime with the Women's Revolution a few years earlier. Although for now the Royal Female Brawl has been carried out for five years, we have entered the sixth, several excellent winners have alternated, except Ronda Rousey who has disappointed the fans a bit in 2022.

But certainly the WWE Universe has not remained disappointed when Bianca Belair won it in 2021, even if she was not WWE's first choice and Chris Dunn, a former WWE writer, confirmed it during an interview with the Public Enermies Podcast.

"I was in a hotel room in Tampa and we were watching some kind of football game and an assistant had just left the Royal Rumble (2021) meeting that takes place the night before and they had changed the ending and Charlotte [Flair] was to get the better of it and Bianca [Belair] was about to get eliminated like in the middle of the match and they switched Charlotte to Bianca”.

Backstage news on Bianca Belair

Continuing the speech, Dunn said that it was Ryan Ward, a person who has dealt with workers such as John Cena, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and all the Four Horsewomen to reason with Vince McMahon by saying: "'Vince, if you watch the Royal Rumble by tomorrow, you have Edge winning and Charlotte winning.

We're not creating any new stars' and I think that really affected him and Bianca Belair was in a moment where it made sense for her to win and she had to win and she made a great job with that promo place match and she was amazing and great”.

We remind you that Charlotte's possible victory would have led to a historic result because she would have become the first woman to win two consecutive Rumbles, given that she had been The Queen to take home the victory in 2020.

If you also want to retrace this Royal Rumble and the history of the match for women in WWE in general, don't miss the new Wrestling With Eagle video in collaboration with Rachele of Donne Tra Le Corde with the classic from the worst to the best female Royal Rumbles up to to date.

The tag team champion mentioned that he did try out for the promotion along with the current RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair, but was unable to make the cut on the first attempt. "I had a tryout with them in 2015 at the Arnold Classic, did well enough there, they invited myself and Bianca (Belair) to the performance center, we did a full one there, they told me, ‘not right now, keep in touch’, I kept in touch," Anthony Bowens said.

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