Huge WWE star pays tribute to Jay Briscoe

Briscoe was one of the most talented wrestlers to have ever stepped foot in the ring

by Simone Brugnoli
Huge WWE star pays tribute to Jay Briscoe

As we unfortunately had to report just a few days ago, Jay Briscoe died in a tragic car accident while he was going with his car to accompany his daughters, colliding with another car. On tonight's episode of AEW Dynamite, the Khan family wanted to pay tribute to the late athlete who passed away prematurely, leaving a main event between Mark Briscoe, brother of the deceased athlete and Jay Lethal, also a lifelong friend from their beginnings in ROH.

Before the broadcast of the match that closed Dynamite, AEW wanted to stage a video tribute to the athlete, who put together the best pieces of his career and that of his brother, with his friend Zane Decker who personally chose the moments to include in that clip.

Sami Zayn of WWE also arrived to get excited at the sight of the video, who fought and worked for years together with the Briscoes, before passing into the rings of the McMahon company, removing the El Generico mask and completely changing gimmick and character.

Sami Zayn pays tribute to Jay Briscoe

Jay Briscoe's passing saw tributes pour in from wrestlers working in WWE, AEW, ROH, and other promotions. In the car with the wrestler who died in the impact, there were unfortunately also the two daughters, who were seriously injured in the accident.

In this regard, family friend Josh Warton went live on Facebook to give us some updates on the little ones: "Jayleigh, 9, has been in some pain on and off. She was put on a brace and they seated with the help of the medical staff.

She was wheeled around for about an hour. Unfortunately, she still has the nasogastric tube in place and is unable to eat or drink at this time. They hope tomorrow they can take the tube out so she can eat real food. She is still on an IV and she spends most of her days sleeping.

Gracie, 12, had a rough night with a lot of tingling and itching in her lower legs. Today, she started the day with occupational therapy and regained feeling in her lower limbs. She is also able to make lower limb movements. She was able to make small movements with her legs using her thigh muscle.

We are very grateful. All of Gracie's IV medications have been stopped at this time and are now being administered orally. She is still groggy from all the meds and sleep. At this time, rehabilitation is recommended for both girls. While both girls made improvements today, they both have a long road to recovery ahead of them."

Jay Briscoe