Roxanne Perez on her role model and winning the NXT women's title


Roxanne Perez on her role model and winning the NXT women's title

Roxanne Perez was a guest on the Faction 919 podcast. Saraya is her role model and the person she looked up to in her early days. She was a great inspiration for her career. “I remember watching Paige become the first-ever ‘NXT’ Women’s Champion, and I think she was 18 or 19 at the time, and she also had started training when she was like 13.

She was a huge inspiration for me because it just showed me that like, ‘Wow, it doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re 29, if you’re 18, you can literally make anything happen as long as you just put in the work, be consistent and just keep your mind right”.

- she said, as quoted by

NXT Women's Champion

NXT Women's Champion is something that brings pressure with it, but it's also a great thing. “It means everything. Honestly, it definitely means that it comes with a little bit of pressure because I do want to live up to everything that they have been able to achieve in their careers”.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen that day. It was a mix of emotions because I didn’t have time to soak it in, ‘Alright, this is happening right now.’ Expect the unexpected. Obviously, Mandy, I think she is amazing.

Since I got to NXT, she is always someone I could go to and she didn’t have to be so as giving and sweet to me as she was because she had been there for so long. For her to be such a good human being, I was always so grateful for her.

In a way, I was a little sad, because of the way it was happening, but she was so supportive and being like, ‘You deserve this.’ It made it so much more special. To have Booker T, my trainer, on commentary. My boyfriend was also there as well, he was a big part of my training and me becoming a wrestler.

To have them there and when they gave me the championship, holding it in my hands, it didn’t feel real until that moment. Everything I went through, all the trials and tribulations, the ups and downs of this wrestling journey that I’ve been on since I was 13, all those moments were so worth it. It was finally real and it finally happened. It was crazy,” she said.

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