Triple H updates WWE fans

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Triple H updates WWE fans

In recent months there have been several revolutions in WWE, including the closure of NXT UK. After putting an end to a project that lasted years, several athletes of the WWE overseas brand have been released or have decided of their own free will to leave the federation.

In all of this, WWE and Triple H have however communicated that there will be a total renewal of the brand, which will now be called NXT Europe. In his latest interview with the microphones of Variety, the COO spoke of the new WWE project: "There are a lot of things we've made progress on.

We are very excited that NXT is increasingly having a broader global direction. I think we might be able to find the best athletes and the biggest personalities and the most entertaining people from all over the world and we'll get them to do what we do.

Because as you start creating these characters and stars from every region of the world, those regions then become more and more involved in what we do. If you can start doing it everywhere and start finding athletes who then manage to stand out on a global stage, someone manages to become great, someone else remains small and someone just can't make it.

But Indian talent, for one, who enters the main event of Wrestlemania and is native to that country, completely changes the whole country's view of our product."

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Apparently, this move by NXT Europe had been in the air for some time already, so much so that the former general manager of NXT, William Regal (Triple H's friend), who passed for a short time in the rings of rival AEW, had so wanted to talk about it to the microphones of the Gentlemen Villain, a few weeks ago saying: "I know for a fact that NXT UK has been in this process for ten years.

I suppose I can say so. I know for a fact that NXT Europe was in the process for the last few years as well. I'll leave it here. But things have changed in the last year and different things. But now, things are changing again and some are returning.

So I won't say anything more on this matter. There are a lot of people in there who don't know anything about what's going to happen or what happened. Many cannot tell when something or someone is getting old. I don't know anything more than I knew and I won't ask anything, because I don't work there anymore.

But I know and they don't. I know for a fact that NXT expansion was coming. We've been working on it for years, I've been working on it myself for the last seven or eight years up until January. I know what I know and I won't tell."

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