*Spoiler* Alexa Bliss is in a difficult position


*Spoiler* Alexa Bliss is in a difficult position

During the night, in addition to the two great real fights that give their name to the WWE PPV, Royal Rumble, the company also staged many other disputes, such as the titled match valid for the Raw Women's Champonship at the moment alongside Bianca Belair.

Her opponent was obviously Alexa Bliss, who had become n°1 contender on Raw by winning a match with several colleagues, with the great moment of the Rumble which, however, did not go as Alexa hoped. Despite the great effort, in fact, the champion Bianca won the contest, with her challenger who immediately received an unexpected message from a character very close to Bray Wyatt: Uncle Howdy.

Indeed, after the dispute, Uncle Howdy reappeared on the titantron once again, as already happened in one of the last episodes of Raw, with the mysterious masked character repeating once again to Alxa "Do you feel in-charge?" At the moment we do not know where this storyline will lead, with Uncle Howdy who has already given a great hand to Bray Wyatt, in the night, attacking LA Knight and helping the former alter ego of the Fiend in the victory.

Alexa Bliss is in trouble

Although recently on SmackDown the former Fiend declared that he himself was Uncle Howdy saying: “I am the Eater of Worlds. I'm Uncle Howdy. I am him. I'm Bray Wyatt” obviously someone other than him physically wearing those clothes and that mask is because it would be impossible to have them appear side by side in the segments, with most people being convinced that it is Bray's brother, Bo Dallas.

A WWE fan named Chloe recently spoke to "What's Up, WWE Universe?", Telling that she greeted Uncle Howdy right in the backstage of the Stamford company, giving an important detail that could be a further clue about his identity: "Then, Uncle Howdy walks by, and I'm like, 'Hi,' and he's very friendly, he greets me again.

I'll tell you, his voice sounded a little more high-pitched. It was a man's voice, of course, but it was high-pitched. Is it Bo Dallas? Did I meet Bo Dallas without realizing it?” WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss has hit back at claims that she may have worn too much makeup on this week's episode of RAW.

WWE fans were quick to notice this, wondering if it was to prove a point because of what Alvarez said. "Literally no idea who that is lol but I could care less what anyone says about my makeup, way too many other things going on in life to care about," wrote Alexa.

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