*Spoiler* The betrayal of Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn was one of the great protagonists of the last episode of SmackDown

by Simone Brugnoli
*Spoiler* The betrayal of Sami Zayn

On the night of January 28, WWE staged one of its Big Four, namely the Royal Rumble, starring many Superstars who battled it out in the two Royal Rumble matches, but also champions who were called to defend their titles. One of these is Roman Reigns, who once again ended up in the main event colliding with Kevin Owens, supported on board by his trusty Paul Heyman and by Sami Zayn, who throughout the contest showed mixed emotions: to support the Tribal Chief or ex best friend? At the end of the match, won by Roman Reigns who kept the belt, WWE decided to continue the storyline of the Bloodline with Jey Uso who passed the wreath to the Tribal Chief to have Sami put it on, as if to officially enter the family, but he refused asking him once again to prove his loyalty as shortly before, when the referee was brought down, he almost refused to pass a chair to Roman Reigns, hesitating.

In the end, the Bloodline vented well with Kevin Owens, but at one point, when the champion threatened to hit him with a chair, he got in the way between them, and we're talking about Sami, who begged to stop.

Roman Reigns betrayed by Sami Zayn

The Samoan then handed him the chair ordering him to hit Kevin Owens, but instead Sami hit Roman in the back.

At that point everything imploded and the stable started beating him too, with Roman then hitting him repeatedly with the famous chair before hitting him. However, Jey Uso abstained from the beating, who finally seems to have found a place in his heart for red, leaving the ring and leaving both Roman and his brother Jimmy perplexed and on the images of Sami Zayn and Kevin massacred in the ring, the show ended concluded.

As if all this weren't enough, the fans loved this final segment that still carries on a crazy storyline a bit, but live the arena started singing "Fanc*lo Roman", a choir that hasn't been heard for some time, but which makes us understand many things about the current status of the Tribal Chief in WWE.

WWE legend Teddy Long recently revealed that he praised Sami Zayn when he came across the Bloodline member at this week's RAW XXX. "I pulled Sami to the side, and I told him, "Brother, you got it. You got it.' I said I ain't blowing smoke up your a**; I don't do this.

If I'm pulling you aside and telling you something, it's because I see it. And I said the same thing you did. I said I don't see that character in you. I see Sami Zayn."

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