Triple H uses strong words

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Triple H uses strong words

Triple H became the head of the team created in the summer of last year, after Vince Mcmahon announced his sensational retirement. Over the next few months, The Game made several changes to WWE shows that didn't align with the policy of his illustrious predecessor.

The 14-time world champion has also convinced several superstars who had been released during the pandemic to return to the company. Vince McMahon surprised everyone earlier this year by returning to WWE and resuming his old role as executive chairman of the board.

HHH remained in charge of the creative team and organized a Royal Rumble with all the trimmings. During the press conference following the PPV, Triple H was asked to respond to all those who like to criticize WWE: “The truth is that WWE is capable of putting on shows that no one else can match.

We work harder than any other company and do what no one does. I am not referring only to sports entertainment, but to the large-scale live events sector. Tickets for Wrestlemania 39 are already sold out and we are ready to give fans something they have never seen before."

Update on Triple H

The 2023 edition of the Royal Rumble was highly appreciated by fans and insiders.

Triple H is aware that he has done a great job in recent months: “To some I may seem arrogant, but I always say what I think. We put a ton of money into delivering the highest quality fan shows, as the hundreds of people who work for WWE behind the scenes can tell you.

We will do the same thing in Montreal and then at SoFi Stadium, that's our job." For the past two weeks, rumors have been circulating that WWE is about to be sold. Stephanie McMahon resigned to general amazement and the Saudi Arabian Investment Fund is said to be very interested in buying the company.

The next few months will be decisive for knowing the fate of the company. The Bloodline has been WWE's most dominant faction for years, although a Triple H move has slightly altered their title situation. “The idea right now on the tag team front is that there are two sets of belts.

The Usos are champions, but the Raw and Smackdown belts are different. This is a new Paul Levesque move and it does allow the Usos to lose one set of belts and keep the other. It was explained to me that the hope is it makes fans think it’s more likely somebody beats them for one set of belts,” wrote Meltzer.

Triple H