Rey Mysterio got injured

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Rey Mysterio got injured

Rey Mysterio should have been one of the protagonists of the Royal Rumble match that took place yesterday. The formidable luchador, on the other hand, skipped the event to general amazement and everyone wondered the reason for his forfeit.

Initially it was believed that behind the absence of Rey there was his son Dominik, but things are different. Dave Meltzer, well-known correspondent of the 'Wrestling Observer', provided a very important update on the former world champion: "The truth is that Rey Mysterio was injured last night during the tapings of Smackdown.

He was expected to participate in the Royal Rumble match, but that unexpected event forced WWE to review their plans. Instead of filling in for Rey in the actual fight, it was made to appear that Dominik was behind his absence."

Latest update on Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is experiencing a sort of second youth in WWE and is enjoying the growth of his son Dominik, who has carved out an important space for himself in the company overcoming initial skepticism.

During his glorious career, Rey won the WWE Championship once and the heavyweight title twice. On top of that, he has won the Intercontinental Championship twice, the United States Championship twice and the lightweight title three times.

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda, former SmackDown general manager Teddy Long said that Mysterio's career could be winding down. “Rey Mysterio has been performing in the ring for many years and has done so much for WWE, so he just needs to be thanked” – Teddy Long began.

“Knowing Rey, it makes me think his career won't last much longer. His son has now established himself in the company, he has reached a certain age and has no money problems. For me, Mysterio's retirement is close and the announcement could come as early as this year” - he added.

The sensational return of Vince McMahon has caused yet another jolt in WWE. Stephanie has resigned and there are rumors that the company is in the process of being sold. Former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio has named Kevin Owens and Finn Balor as the two stars he'd like to wrestle.

“I’ve been keeping a close eye on Kevin Owens,” said Mysterio. “He and I have never clashed one-on-one. (...) not too long ago, with Seth, and Finn, and myself. But Kevin Owens is a guy that I’ve had my eyes on.

Finn Balor is another guy that I would love to go out there and just compete [with] one-on-one. Those two guys are definitely at the top of my list right now”.

Rey Mysterio