The Rock is a long way from returning to WWE

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The Rock is a long way from returning to WWE

After all these months of rumors that he would soon challenge his cousin Roman Reigns and after the non-appearance at Royal Rumble 2023 despite people expecting him after the main event between the Tribal Chief and Kevin Owens, an update arrives on the possibility of seeing The Rock at WrestleMania Goes Hollywood.

During the post Royal Rumble 2023 press conference, Triple H himself spoke about the possibility of seeing Dwayne Johnson at the Showcase of the Immortals: “he It's really very busy. I can say this, we grew up like two kids fighting each other for the job and fighting to get it, in the best possible way, pushing each other on.

We were all like that at the time. […] I know for him, and I know his family and his background, that there's a part of him that, if he could be here for this and this Wrestlemania in Hollywood, would move rocks and walk through fire to be able to do it, if he could."

Update on The Rock's status

Triple H went on to say, "I just don't think he's in the stars.

Then again, I don't know. We always have conversations with him because he likes him so much and we'd love for him to be a part of it. He's the biggest star in Hollywood." and perhaps the most recognizable person on the planet.

Why wouldn't we want him to be a part of it? This is his home. It's an open invitation. We don't lock the door. He has an open invitation to walk through it whenever he wants, but it's incredibly busy. […] Unless he can do it, it's not going to happen.

He knows the door is open and when he has the time and the availability to do it, he can come in and thrill everyone." Obviously wrestling is always unpredictable and between now and April things could easily change, but for now Rocky seems too busy with his acting career.

Stay connected on our site to not miss any updates. WWE President Nick Khan has given his take on The Rock. "In terms of Dwyane, looks he's focused on being the megastar that he (has) built himself into. We're always talking to him, about different opportunities and what could come.

WWE is a producer on young Rock, they graciously allowed us to do that because they wanted us to be partners in it. So there's more to be done with them," said Khan.

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