Update on Roman Reigns' status

Roman Reigns is the Tribal Chief and the undisputed Universal Champion of WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
Update on Roman Reigns' status

During last Saturday evening, WWE staged its most anticipated big PPV of the beginning of the year: the Royal Rumble. In the main event of the ppv, Roman Reigns beat Kevin Owens retaining both titles, with the post-match that was definitely the most interesting part of the whole event, when Sami Zayn went to betray his Tribal Chief hitting him with a sitting on the back.

After destroying both Canadians, however, the Tribal Chief would have said some words to his cousin Solo Sikoa, filmed by the WWE cameras, which not everyone would have understood and heard, which left WWE Universe fans and insiders quite amazed who have heard them instead.

But let's see a video in which it is better explained what happened: Roman Reigns' words were: "We are at war now Solo. We don't take prisoners now". These words, however, do not find a place in the Bloodline storyline, with Roman Reigns who may have referred to the two Canadians, Owens and Zayn, but also towards his cousin Jey, who seems to have left the stable after the exit from the Rumble scene and the photo posted on Instagram shortly after.

We just have to wait and see how this Road to Wrestlemania for the Bloodline will start.

Backstage news on Roman Reigns

Thus ends the great chapter with Sami Zayn within the Bloodline, with the trial that the Samoans had made him on Raw 30 which seemed to have saved Sami, thanks to the preparatory help of Jey Uso, who had brought evidence to defend him, despite the initial hatred towards him.

Apparently, however, now another chapter in the Bloodline would have opened, with Jey Uso himself who would be making the company's fans worry, with the sentence written on his Instagram profile, where the main roster couple champion wanted to write "I'm Out", or "I'm out", in a possible reference to the exit from the Bloodline stable.

Roman Reigns had nothing but praise for fellow WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes during his appearance on The Tonight Show. "We have another guy by the name of Cody Rhodes, he's coming back from injury. He was super white hot. If you go back to, I believe there was a Hell In A Cell match with Seth Rollins.

His pectoral muscle is completely torn. Like, in half. So, if you go back and look, it's completely black, a giant bruise covering this guy. A fourth of his body is completely broken. And he goes out there and he puts on a 40-minute performance and completely wins over the entire fanbase. So, lots of guts, lots of courage in him. He's going to be coming back soon, too."

Roman Reigns Tribal Chief Universal Champion