Triple H comments on Cody Rhodes' return

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Triple H comments on Cody Rhodes' return

It's no secret that Cody Rhodes and Triple H have not had a good relationship for some time, with the American Nightmare also destroying his throne once he founded All Elite Wrestling, but it seems that things have now resolved.

After Cody Rhodes' great victory in the men's Royal Rumble, during the post-event press conference, Triple H wanted to talk about this great comeback, given that the wrestler was out for several months due to injury, resulting in the victory, giving him many compliments.

"I will commend Cody for addressing what he has done for all of us, for this industry, for himself. I know what that means, I've been in his place. Sadly, a few times and I can admire it all. For him to be in able to change and come back tonight and do what he did is amazing in and of itself,” Triple H said.

“Congratulations to him on landing the ticket, something no one else in his family has been able to do. to main event Wrestlemania, for having that moment out there, standing in front of that incredible crowd and doing what everyone dreams of”.

Triple H opens up on Cody Rhodes

Triple H continued the speech by saying that when he looks at Cody Rhodes, in him he sees a little bit of Dusty Rhodes, the father, and maybe even more: "This is an incredible result after such an incredible setback.

Not I can help but when I look at him, I see his father. I look into his eyes, and I see his father's eyes. I see Dusty, but I see all the best things about Dusty, and then I see something more in Cody. It comes to comparing him, I just see his father's greatness magnified, and that's something special.

He's a special talent, a special human being, and I'm very proud of him for that." Cody Rhodes has revealed that he suffered a new injury at the WWE Royal Rumble premium live event. "Don't tell anyone, don't put it on a medical report, but I popped my eardrums.

So, what a night not to hear that much. But I could hear them loud enough and it's a beautiful moment," he said. Cody Rhodes revealed in a recent interview whether it was easy for him to leave Aew for WWE. "When I said on on Raw that it was an easy decision, it was more once I'd gone over everything I supposed in my mind and laid the landscape out in front of me and looked at what needed to happen for myself for my family," said Rhodes.

"For my continued efforts as a wrestler and for believe it or not, for the industry as a whole, of course, though, remember, we had weeks upon weeks. The story was out there and it was public of free agency and it was all out for people to acknowledge and understand."

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