Dax Harwood praises Sami Zayn

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Dax Harwood praises Sami Zayn

During his latest podcast, the former AEW duo champion with Cash Wheeler, Dax Harwood talked about Sami Zayn also revealing how the two are great friends.

Dax Harwood opens up on Sami Zayn

On Sami Zayn's scrupulosity, Dax Harwood: "He is very attentive to details and to all the things he does.

He is like me but less hard on himself. Some people may not attach so much importance to some things but for him they are fundamental and he can't help it." On his relationship with Sami Zayn: “Sami and I are great friends.

He has traveled extensively with me and Cash and is one of my favorite traveling companions. I know his being always determined. I admit I didn't like it when I first met him. We auditioned in WWE together in June 2012 and were both hired.

One day we were out having lunch with other people and we were talking to each other. Sami suddenly said 'You know who really surprised me got hired? Everyone wondered who he was. He looked me straight in the eye and said, 'You.

I'm surprised you've been hired.' He's a guy who says things without holding them back and is just as passionate about what he does as I am." On what he did at the Royale Rumble: “I think Sami can finally do what he is capable of.

Above the talent every star has the chances that are granted, some more and some less. You work and hope to get these chances. Eventually they arrive and Sami deserves one. If he wants to main event Wrestlemania and make it look like he can do it, he can do it.

I believe that if there is one person in this world who can make believe what he wants, it's him." Currently, Dax Harwood and his FTR tag team partner Cash Wheeler are taking a break from in-ring competition in Aew following a busy 2023 for them that has seen them hold an impressive three crowns.

Despite his prodigious skills in the ring, AEW star Dax Harwood apparently felt "inferior" after a match involving former WWE Superstar, Ricky Steamboat. "I watched from the apron in amazement tonight. It had nothing to do with his moves or his athleticism.

I was in awe of the little things he did. Things that made millions fall in absolute love with Ricky. They all reacted to the man; not the moves. I felt inferior tonight."

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