Zelina Vega comments on her long absence

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Zelina Vega comments on her long absence

Zelina Vega had an interesting period between 2021 and 2022, in fact she became the first Queen of the ring in the very first Queen's Crown Tournament, with a final at WWE Crown Jewel between her and Doudrop, and then she became tag team champion together with Carmella , before losing the titles to Naomi and Sasha Banks at Wrestlemania 38.

Shortly thereafter, in May 2022, Zelina Vega was taking time off due to injury, which led to her undergoing surgery and being sidelined by the company before her return on the October 7 Smackdown as manager of the Legado Del Fantasma, without depriving himself of some performances in the ring.

Speaking on actress Anna Faris' podcast, the former Queen Zelina explained the nature of the injury that kept her so far from the company: "It never happens with some really cool move or some crazy flip I've done outside the ring It's always the smallest thing that's going to happen, and that's how you get hurt.

I hadn't actually had any serious injuries up to that point. It wasn't even that bad. This is silly, but one of my best friends and I were in match, and she had this move on me called a Northern Lights Suplex, where she basically flips me backwards, and her shoulder went into my chest, and I broke a [breast] implant.

On the bright side, I was like, 'Well, they're 10 anyway, and I wanted them bigger anyway.' So it ended up working out. Lately I'm also wondering if maybe I could have made them bigger, I don't know [laughs]."

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In November, a guest on Busted Open Radio, Zelina Vega spoke about her comeback and her new start with Legado Del Fantasma saying, “People will see me in a similar light, but they have no idea what happens next.

They have no idea why they are with the group they are with now, and I think all of these questions will be answered very soon. [...] This union can only benefit both us and her. Together we will go very far. As long as our interests are aligned, there will be no one who can stop us.

I have a great picture of us. Santos Escobar, Zelina Vega, Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro. A group that is practically impossible to stop, truly dominant and powerful, that the world always tends to underestimate. Zelina Vega responded on Twitter to a fan's video, claiming that she was left with a broken nail and cursing Emma.

"And she broke my nail. B***h. rip to the cutest nail there ever was.. @TenilleDashwood"

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