Update on Rhea Ripley's future

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Update on Rhea Ripley's future

In the episode of Monday Night Raw which aired last night, the first post Royal Rumble 2023, Rhea Ripley announced to the WWE Universe in the middle of the ring that she has decided to challenge the SmackDown champion Charlotte Flair in the main event of WrestleMania 39.

a choice made possible by her victory in the Women's Royal Brawl, where she also set several records. Being a tall and muscular woman, she is often compared to Chyna and she spoke about this to the microphones of BT Sport when Ariel Helwani, after winning the Royal Rumble, asked him what he thinks of this comparison and she replied that she feels honored and that she too could win the Intercontinental title one day.

"I think it's super cool. I want people to keep saying that. I know Kofi [Kingston] has said he wants to see me go for the IC title, and I'm very open to doing that. I love being compared to Chyna," Ripley said. "I know I attract a lot of hate, which at the same time, is weird, but I understand where it's coming from: 'You can't be the next Chyna!' Yes, I know I can't be the next Chyna.

She was absolutely amazing, she was herself, and she was unique to her, but I'm the first Rhea Ripley. If I can compare to her in any way, I'm doing something right, but I'll do it in my own special way too. Yeah, I like the vision of it all."

New details on Rhea Ripley

Just like Chyna 24 years ago, Rhea Ripley also confessed that she wouldn't mind entering the men's Royal Rumble: "I would definitely like to enter the men's Royal Rumble.

I would love to; there would be a lot of fun. It would be something that would make history, especially having someone like Beth Phoenix, who I admired as a child. I loved her; I related to her body. So just to try to step into her shoes, into Beth Phoenix's and help the evolution of the female world; I think that I would love to enter the men's Royal Rumble; I would have a lot of fun." Besides the aforementioned Chyna and Beth Phoenix, the other two women who entered a Men's Rumble were Nia Jax and Awesome Kong.

Ripley was able to enjoy a record stay in the Royal Rumble Match, lasting over an hour en route to her victory. "I’m obviously beat up. My knees aren’t very good in general. My knee did dislocate for a second, and then it went back in.

I’m feeling good now, and because of all my emotions, I’m just excited, so I’m blocking out everything else. If anything, I can smell blood in my nose, and that’s definitely there, but my knee is good," said Ripley.

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