Ken Doane suffered an injury

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Ken Doane suffered an injury

During Saturday evening, WWE's first major PPV of 2023, the Royal Rumble, aired. In addition to the matches of the same name that found two new No. 1 contenders for the men's and women's world titles, WWE staged numerous other segments within the card.

One of these segments was staged during the Men's Rumble in the ring, with Edge making his return to take revenge for the actions of the last few months of Judgment Day. In this segment, however, it seems that one of the insiders was inadvertently involved in a collision, being injured/injured by the action.

We are talking about Ken Doane, also seen in the WWE rings as Kenny Dykstra, of the Spirit Squad stable, several years ago. According to the PW Insider website, through one of their latest updates, the WWE producer would have suffered a leg injury, trying to separate Edge from Judgment Day.

According to journalists from the well-known site, Doane may have torn his calf muscle. According to some sources close to the producer, the former athlete should soon undergo an MRI scan to understand the extent of his unfortunate injury.

Ken Doane got injured

Rhea Ripley and Gunther weren't the only ones to rewrite WWE history, the federation itself also achieved two important business records. The WWE Royal Rumble on January 28 was a success in terms of merchandising and social networks.

The event raised more than $7.7 million at the box office, exceeding the previous record set in 2017 by more than 50%. Merchandise sales were up 135% from the record set in 2022. On social media, the video of Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn has been viewed 20 million times across all platforms.

Not only that, the video of the fight in the air between Logan Paul and Ricochet also reached 26.5 million views. In short, an unforgettable Rumble edition for WWE. In an interview with ESPN, former WWE Superstar Ken Doane opened up on a myriad of topics.

"(Vince McMahon) turned and said, 'Guys, this is my idea, (and) it's gonna work because I'm telling you it will work. He said, 'I want cheerleaders; male cheerleaders; there's nothing that gets more heat than male cheerleaders—' I kinda looked at the other guys out of the corner of my eye like, 'Is this a joke? This is a good joke. You guys went all the way out to get Vince in on this?'"

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