Update on Stone Cold Steve Austin's schedule

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Update on Stone Cold Steve Austin's schedule

Rumors of Stone Cold Steve Austin's return to in-ring competition are gaining momentum, especially now that Road to Wrestlemania has officially kicked off. The WWE Hall of Famer made his return to the wrestling ring in the primetime main event of WrestleMania 38 after 19 years by facing and beating Kevin Owens.

Austin had been forced out of the ring all that time due to serious injuries sustained during his career. A year after the last time, the rumors that see Steve Austin at WrestleMania which will be broadcast for two evenings from Los Angeles, California, have not subsided.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is a legend

In the regular newsletter of Wrestling Observer Radio, journalist Dave Meltzer unveiled some bad news for Stone Cold Steve Austin fans regarding WrestleMania 39, stopping any rumors that he could see him again fighting in the square: “Steve Austin could be at the show , I wouldn't be surprised at all by that, in fact he should almost certainly be part of the event but he refused to wrestle.

He had asked him if he wanted to face Brock Lesnar or even Roman Reigns and beyond. He could have asked who he would like to have a match with but he chose not to wrestle at the PPV." In the meantime that Stone Cold Steve Austin seems to be out of the picture for a match at WrestleMania, whatever it is, after successfully defending the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Roman Reigns will be part of WrestleMania 39 and will put his titles on the line against the winner of the 2023 Cody Rhodes men's Royal Rumble match which in all likelihood could put an end to his very long reign.

Steve Austin should have taken part in SummerSlam 2022 but even in that circumstance he would have declined the offer with a dry no intended for the McMahons. WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently addressed the comparison between LA Knight and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

"He's pretty much been creating everything since Eli Drake to LA Knight to what he's doing right now. He's done a whole lot of that on his own. He's made the fans buy into him pretty much with the same stick he had to change it up or anything.

He's just been running with it and saying, 'you're gonna buy in or not. This is who I am. Even though a lot of people may look at him and see or hear a Stone Cold Steve Austin or a Stone Cold Steve Austin feel."

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