Mercedes Mone: “I’ve never been more excited, more nervous"

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Mercedes Mone: “I’ve never been more excited, more nervous"

Mercedes Moné (Sasha Banks) caused a lot of reactions when she came to NJPW. Her debut surprised many, but we couldn't expect anything else from Mercedes Mone. After she finished her career in WWE, many wondered what her next destination would be.

Coming to NJPW was a great decision, and Mone seems to be enjoying her new surroundings. In a conversation with NJPW Digital Team, she talked about her impressions of the new company. Mercedes is very excited after everything.

She also feels a little nervous, considering that she has set huge goals for herself. “I’ve never been more excited, more nervous, which I was never get nervous, but I am so ready for this. I’ve been dreaming about this.

I’ve been really, really wanting this. And for this to be in the United States in San Jose, California, I have so much history there. I’ve had the greatest matches there, so February 18th is going to be the same. I’m going to make sure that is the greatest women’s match of all-time.

And when I hold up my championship, oh, cute, little, KAIRI, I’m gonna send her back to Japan, and she can go back to STARDOM, and I can be the global superstar that I’m meant to be. I’m about to take that title everywhere.

Not just New Japan, everywhere”. - Mercedes Mone said, as quoted by

Mercedes Mone on her ambitions

Mercedes Mone confirmed her ambitions. She wants to become globally popular, even though she already is. But this time, Mone also wants NJPW to become globally known and a brand that will be talked about.

“It’s all what they already know. I already got everything in the bag. I’m here to take more money, more yen, more championships. I’m here to put New Japan and STARDOM on the map and make it global. I’m here to make fans know that women’s wrestling is where it’s at. And I’m gonna put it straight on the map, globally”.

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