Jeff Jarrett on Vince McMahon's return to WWE

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Jeff Jarrett on Vince McMahon's return to WWE

During the 'My World' podcast, Jeff Jarrett talked about Vince McMahon's return to WWE. There are many stories about what will happen now, but we cannot know a complete truth. “My question is Conrad, last week, I mean, not just the twitter world, just kind of, I mean, I got some crazy bizarre texts from two dudes in the law firm that reps me, obviously my buddy’s in the gym, it was just a lot of chatter, oh, hey, what do you think? Of course, they were asking about the Chairman re-entering the picture, but the questions really started landing on, you think he’s going to go private or you think it’s going to be a buyer and all that kind of stuff.

Taking out the emotion, Conrad, because Comcast, Disney, Amazon or whatever publicly traded company versus going private, and I think there’s a couple of different scenarios where it could probably go."- he said, as quoted by


Jarrett believes that things would be much better if WWE went private.

“Why don’t you ask me what I want to see happen. I definitely believe and we don’t have a lot of history in our industry, but the professional wrestling is just run much better in a private setting because there’s a vision, there’s a final decision maker, the buck stops with one person.

It’s just how I think the success of our industry can thrive. And I’m just saying, I think the wrestling industry can be much more successful if WWE is private for all the obvious reasons and some not some obvious.

When you’re in the public world, in a lot of ways, your boss is Wall Street and how much context does Wall Street really have in our industry. That’s how I view it. Corporations kill wrestling. Court wrestling will never work in a corporate structure.

No matter who is in charge at WWE, try explaining that, two levels up, three levels up, Bob Iger, Jeff Bezos, whatever. Believe me, I’ve done it on a teeny, teeny, tiny level, but I had to do with Panda often. It’s very hard to translate”.

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