New details on Booker T's recent appearance

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New details on Booker T's recent appearance

This year during the two Royal Rumbles we haven't had many surprises in terms of returns and above all of legends' returns, except that of Michelle McCool for the women and that of Booker T for the men even if the current NXT commentator does not it was exactly in the plans of the company.

During his Hall Of Fame podcast, the legend wanted to tell that the company recruited him during the kick-off of the show: "I was sitting at the table, at the Kickoff Show, and I received a message. It was the invitation that told me : 'Book, you're in the Rumble'

I'm old school, so I went down in the RV because something told me, 'Bring your gear. Make sure you're ready,' and boom there it was! The message came, I said, 'Okay, here we go.' Just like when I won my first world title, I had about ten minutes to warm up.

Here's what happened. I wasn't warmed up, I went unwarmed into the ring. I didn't have that sheen, I didn't have that sheen on me. I wasn't exhilarated and ready to go.I didn't get a chance to jump rope for 45 minutes to get my heart rate up, get my blood flowing.I didn't get to do that.

I would have won that damn Rumble if I had prepared well. That last minute text definitely slowed me down a bit."

Booker T is a WWE legend

According to Booker T, WWE made this decision due to the absence of Rey Mysterio who was injured on SmackDown against Karrion Kross and did not take part in the Royal Brawl, with WWE leading us to believe he was attacked by his son Dominik who came in with his mask in hand.

“I think Rey couldn't attend and they had to fill that seat. They couldn't make a better call than to call me." WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently disclosed that Wade Barrett would not return to NXT in 2023. "My thing is that that job was only supposed to be until the end of December.

But, like I say, what's that kid's name that used to work there? [Wade Barrett] Yeah, yeah, Wade Barrett. He's gone and forgotten as you can see [laughs]," he said. "That's my job now. That's my job full-time. I'm full-time now. I'm full-time on NXT all right.

I'm gonna be in your ear, all up in your ear [laughs] every Tuesday. (...) Wade Barrett, I don't know if they will keep him on, you know, find a spot for him over on, you know, RAW or Smackdown or something, but his a** isn't coming back to NXT. He's finished. He's wrapped," he added.

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