Bayley is very popular in the locker room

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Bayley is very popular in the locker room

Bayley is one of the most loved wrestlers in WWE, since the days of NXT when she was a face, with the wrestler who made a radical change after her turn heel in 2019, managing to give a significant boost to her character and her career.

up to taking several younger or sidelined wrestlers under his wing, starting with Dakota Kai and IYO SKY who have been part of the main roster since summer 2022 as Damage CTRL. But not all of Bayley's work we can see it on the screen, in fact Roxanne Perez, current young NXT champion, thought about it when she said during an interview with Under The Ring: "There are a couple of people [ who have helped me in WWE], but one that really stands out to me is Bayley.While she was down at PC [WWE Performance Center] rehab, we came up and she took me and Cora (Jade), Jacy Jayne and Indi Hartwell under his wing and gave us so much advice.

Even today she writes to me: 'Oh my God, it was a great meeting', and she also criticizes me. She's so amazing and always so open to me coming up to her and asking her questions about wrestling or even her life. She has been like a big sister to me.

It's cool because I've admired her for so long. I have a picture with her from when I was like 14. I remember showing it to her when I met her at the PC. Her mind was blown: 'Oh my God, my goal was to always inspire the younger generation, but I didn't think I was ready to work with them yet.'

[laughs]. She's cool. She's amazing, she's magnificent."

Bayley's ten years in WWE

WWE Superstar Bayley recently celebrated a major WWE career milestone, with the former NXT, Raw and SmackDown Women's Champion reminding everyone that yesterday, January 7, 2023, was her 10th anniversary with the federation: “Today I've been officially a part of the WWE for ten years.

A DECADE. Grateful. Fair. I still have so much to give. Thank you." Surely the Role Model is and will be a point of reference for the new generations counting that the true legacy of Trish Stratus and Lita has truly been collected after years by her and by the rest of the Four Horsewomen who we are sure will be able to enter the WWE Hall Of Fame not as soon as their in-ring career is over.

Wrestling Twitter had a field day over Bayley's personal attack on Becky Lynch on RAW. Rollins' tweet received several amusing responses from WWE fans.

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