Update on Brock Lesnar's status


Update on Brock Lesnar's status

During last Saturday evening, in the Royal Rumble men's brawl, Brock Lesnar sowed panic, as usual, after his elimination from the 30-man match. As it turns out, if The Beast's elimination was planned, everything that happened after that was instead the jock's bag of flour, with his rant segment being concocted completely on the spot by Lesnar himself.

To reveal all this was the usual Fightful Select, with the news that was also reported by the pages of Ringside News, which report that Brock Lesnar would not have followed a script, but would have gone off the cuff, also attacking the referee Eddie Orengo, who actually should have been the one who raised his arm to the winner: Cody Rhodes and who instead got injured in his foot.

All this would seem to have created some backstage heat against Lesnar, who by making a little head of him messed up the company's plans at the last second.

Backstage news on Brock Lesnar

But let's see the words that the Fightful journalists released in their latest radio intervention: "There were a couple of people in the ring and outside the ring who weren't ready for the steps commercial and didn't know it was coming.

The commercial where Brock Lesnar throws a piece of the reporter table into the ring, that too was not expected. A source said 'we knew there was something crazy planned and that was Brock so we were expecting anything' So for some it was fine.

However the spot that seems to have drawn some heat towards Lesnar was the unplanned situation with referee Eddie Orengo and when he threw him over the barricades. We were told that initially it appeared that the referee had found a foot injury, but we are currently unsure of Orengo's status.

In theory he was slated to be the one who raised Cody Rhodes' arm at the end of the match, but was eventually changed to sell him attacking him. In the end, however, they confirmed to Fightful that 'there was enough heat towards Lesnar.

But he won't get in trouble. He certainly won't be fired like he was for Cryme Tyme. It's a new regime, new rules and we're sure no one will be called out and insulted, but someone backstage was." The news did not sit well with Brock Lesnar, who reportedly walked out before a taping of SmackDown.

"There’s some truth to it, yea. You have to understand Brock’s relationship with Vince. […] Vince is the devil he knows. Brock is inherently not a trusting person, he doesn’t like people. He’s not a trusting person.

I think in that moment when you just hear Vince is out.’ And now what’s gonna happen? I’m out of here”.

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