Backstage details on Randy Orton's future

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Backstage details on Randy Orton's future

Randy Orton is still one of the biggest names on the WWE roster, but has been in the pits for several months due to a serious back injury. The Viper's last appearance in the ring dates back to the episode of SmackDown on May 20, 2022, when he was knocked out by Roman Reigns and the Usos.

The 'Legend Killer' and his partner Matt Riddle were defeated by The Usos in a battle to the death, which allowed the latter to unify the tag team titles. After trying conservative therapy, the 14-time world champion underwent delicate fusion surgery on his lower back.

It seems that his recovery is progressing well, but there is no certain date for his return to the ring. Fans had hoped to see him in action already at Royal Rumble 2023, but 'The Viper' did not participate in the first big PPV of the new year.

Everyone's hope is that he will be able to recover in time for WrestleMania 39, scheduled for April 1 and 2 at SoFi Stadium.

Update on Randy Orton's injury

WrestleMania 39 would be less important without a legend like Randy Orton.

The Apex Predator was living a sort of second youth in WWE before getting injured and deserves to end his extraordinary career with dignity. In the latest edition of the podcast 'FTR with Dax', Dax Harwood praised Randy Orton: "His timing in the ring is impeccable, he is always in the right place at the right time.

He has charisma, he's athletic, he's precise in every move and doesn't waste any movement. When you find yourself working with him, you just have to follow him and everything will be fine. From my point of view, Randy Orton is the best wrestler in the world.

He may not have the most articulate move set ever, but he knows how to electrify an audience. The ability to entertain a crowd is what makes a truly great wrestler." All that remains is to cross our fingers and hope for good news.

Randy Orton is currently out of in-ring action owing to an assault at the hands of The Bloodline in May last year. "[He's] an incredible human being. Great person," Harwood said. "I could go on and on about his talents, but none of the fans would fully understand how good he really is.

He is Randy Orton-esque good as far as putting himself in the right position. Never messing up. Never blowing up. You know, making things look so smooth – almost too smooth – which makes people think that the other guy is the one doing the good work when it's actually Spears."

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