The Royal Rumble convinced the experts

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The Royal Rumble convinced the experts

During last Saturday evening, WWE staged its first big PPV of the year: Royal Rumble. For the first time in over 40 years, Vince Mcmahon, historic Chairman of the federation and until last summer also head of the creative team of the company, was not present in the backstage.

Since last summer, Vince has in fact been replaced by Triple H as head of the creative team. Apparently, the absence of Vince in the backstage of the Rumble would have been felt, but in a positive way, according to what was stated in the latest update of the Fightful site by Sean Ross Sapp and reported by the pages of Ringside News.

Apparently, all the insiders would have said they were calm and calm, with the absence of the Chairman who would have made everyone work rationally and without anxiety, which instead happened often before.

The Royal Rumble was successful

As reported by Sean Ross Sapp in fact: "Vince McMahon was not seen at all at the Royal Rumble and his influence on the show was not felt.

Those we spoke to said he was very quiet throughout the day and throughout the week. The atmosphere was truly serene. The only thing he remembered of Vince's influence was the 'Vince Office' sign, which hasn't been changed since he went away, but is now somewhere in an area backstage that is completely different.

A source told us they're not all fearless but still generally speaking, not many people ask Triple H, Nick Khan and Kevin Dunn much about meetings or other roster encounters that could involve Vince creatively or for the talent relationships.

A talent noted how the Rumble process was the easiest he's seen in a long time without Vince McMahon and there were far fewer last minute changes. Always the same talent said that 2021 cannot be referred to because of the covid, but that it was still a dream compared to last year's nightmare.

The same talent said seeing the main event was a breath of fresh air, of the new regime, with several people watching what was going on with Bloodline and Sami Zayn from the backstage monitors as if they were at home." Wrestling veteran Konnan believes some of Triple H's new signings in WWE were underwhelming, including Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae.

"Definitely Hit Row. definitely [Johnny] Gargano, Candice LeRae. Damage CTRL for sure. Emma, even though she just got there but I can't see her popping off," he said.

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