Wrestling legend talks about Mandy Rose


Wrestling legend talks about Mandy Rose
Wrestling legend talks about Mandy Rose

As we reported to you on the evening of December 14, 2022, WWE saw fit to fire its now former NXT champion Mandy Rose, due to some content that violated the contractual agreements between the two parties, uploaded to sites reserved for fans that they wanted to subscribe to support the wrestler by buying some content that was even a little “naughty”.

During the NXT media call, transcribed by Fightful, Shawn Michaels wanted to talk about Mandy Rose's dismissal, saying how it changed the brand's creative plans: "Obviously, it's not the ideal situation. I will say, if I may For the record, I didn't fire her.

I can't fire anyone. The only fair thing about this is that I handle the creative side. That was a shame. I think Mandy was great for us. I loved it. work with her. She was a phenomenal champion. We wish things had turned out differently and we had been able to build our history with Roxanne, but I was put in the position of having to make a creative shift, and so we did.

It's one of the things I've learned doing this job, nothing comes before the brand. We have to push these things forward and that's what we've done. Roxanne was certainly where we were going regardless, we only went there a few weeks earlier than we expected.

The great thing is we are back on track now and I will honestly say I think the world of Mandy Rose, she was nothing but phenomenal to us, we will miss her, but we are thrilled that Roxanne Perez is the NXT Women's Champion and where we will be able to in the future”.

HBK reflects on Mandy Rose

After all that was said online when the news about her firing came out, Mandy Rose then spoke about it in her first interview a few weeks later, which we told you about in our special "Trouble in Paradise" divided into two parts, the first where we talk about his point of view on farewell to WWE, and in the second where the former wrestler talks about his future.

As we well know, Mandy Rose was sent from WWE from the main roster to NXT recently and her career took a decidedly different turn, with the wrestler who not only managed to reinvent herself into an interesting character and which allowed her to attract the right interest on herself, but she also improved in the ring and created, guiding it as leader, a stable that in a very short time became one of the best in WWE history.

Unfortunately her adventure ended too soon, while she was still the NXT champion for 413 days, with the record of the third longest reign for a female champion in the development brand, since, according to various sources, she would have exaggerated in posting some contents a somewhat pushed on the FanTime website, forcing WWE to let her go, depriving her of the belt in any episode of NXT, to give it to the young talent Roxanne Perez.

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