Brock Lesnar confirmed for two more events

Brock Lesnar is recognized as one of WWE's most devastating athletes of the last 30 years

by Simone Brugnoli
Brock Lesnar confirmed for two more events

Brock Lesnar is recognized as one of WWE's most devastating athletes of the last 30 years, with the federation's Beast winning multiple world titles, especially since his 2012 return. After seeing him involved in one of the most interesting segments of last Saturday's Royal Rumble, there were no other on-screen plans for Lesnar during the week, nor has WWE officially confirmed his presence in the future.

According to what was reported in the latest update by Dave Meltzer, to the microphones of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it seems that WWE has internally confirmed the presence of Lesnar also for Elimination Chamber, as well as for Wrestlemania.

In his speech, Meltzer in fact stated: “Lesnar has been confirmed to work in both Montreal and Wrestlemania. For Mania, there should be a new match with Lashley. We have been told that rumors of a possible match with Gunther are false and also with Steve Austin, who they have contacted for Lesnar, he has declined any offers to do any wrestling events at the moment."

Update on Brock Lesnar

Apparently, if The Beast's elimination from the Rumble was planned, everything that happened after that was instead the athlete's bag, with the segment of his rant being completely invented on the spot by Brock Lesnar himself.

To reveal all this was the usual Fightful Select, with the news that was also reported by the pages of Ringside News, which report that Brock Lesnar would not have followed a script, but would have gone off the cuff, also attacking the referee Eddie Orengo, who actually should have been the one who raised his arm to the winner: Cody Rhodes and who instead got injured in his foot.

All this would seem to have created some backstage heat against Lesnar, who by making a little head of him messed up the company's plans at the last second. Kurt Angle, too, was shocked when he was informed that Brock Lesnar was also in the building for Monday Night RAW.

"No! I didn't even see him! I didn't even know he was there. My wife told me, and I was like, Brock wasn't even backstage; I didn't see him. So, I think he just went there, did his segment, and then left. I didn't see him at all," revealed Angle.

"I don't hear anything from Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, you know, all my closest friends. Even Shelton Benjamin. I never hear from him. It's a sad business in that category."

Brock Lesnar