Rey Mysterio got into a fight

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Rey Mysterio got into a fight

During the past few hours, it seems that the feud within the Mysterio family, or that between the father Rey Mysterio and the son Dominik has reached a new level. After seeing Dominik arrive at his parents' house with a threatening attitude both during Thanksgiving lunch and on Christmas Eve, with such an arrival that triggered his arrest, in the last few hours there would even have been a fight between the two, which reached the circuits of the American NASCAR.

After seeing a car race between the two Mexican-born athletes, Dominik allegedly threw his helmet at his father, accusing him of cheating to win, with Judgment Day and with Rey Mysterio and the New Day (also invited on the NASCAR circuit), who started jostling and hitting each other.

Apparently, all this seems to be getting closer and closer to a match between father and son in Wrestlemania, with WWE Universe fans and insiders who cannot find another solution to end this feud.

Rey Mysterio is a WWE legend

A few hours before Christmas, WWE again posted a video on social networks and on its Youtube channel where Dom Dom and Mami showed up at the Mysterios' house during Christmas Eve dinner, with the legendary luchador asking Dominik to leave, with his wife Angie instead trying to slap him, failing because Rhea managed to block her hand and then took the slap with the hand that was left free.

Shortly after, we saw and heard the sirens of the police who arrived and handcuffed Dominik Mysterio and then took him to the car, without The Eradicator being able to do anything to save him. In the end, Dominik remained in prison for a few days, with WWE carrying on this storyline for the following weeks on Monday Night Raw, also trying to slightly modify Dominik's character, who had become a full-blown convict, with the fans who started making fun of the athlete, making him special memes.

Rey Mysterio and his son, Dominik have been making waves across the wrestling world. Rey Mysterio also threw light on whether Dominik would head to Japan or Mexico to train. “I think he’s open-minded, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes for him to get to the next level.

And of course, he can only train so much. But in order to really pick up what he needs to know, that is going to happen in his first matches. So that is probably the next phase that we’re looking at soon, hopefully … I truly think that he should be ready by early next year”.

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