Latest news on Cody Rhodes' WWE status

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Latest news on Cody Rhodes' WWE status

Cody Rhodes won the 30 Men Royal Rumble match of the WWE PPV of the same name, returning to the company after spending a few years between independent companies and Aew, just in the last edition of the Showcase of the Immortals.

Cody, however, apparently, would not have been the first name chosen by the McMahon company to go to this year's Wrestlemania main event, with two other names, of two legends and real sacred monsters, which WWE initially wanted in the highlight match of the year.

As reported in the last few hours by the usual Wrestling Observer, through the words of Dave Meltzer, in one of the radio updates, initially the McMahons and Triple H wanted The Rock, to then switch instead to Steve Austin and finally with Cody Rhodes, who is become the number one choice after the pace of the other two big names.

In his speech, Dave Meltzer said: “The whole storyline that brought Rhodes to WWE and then resulted in him winning the title that his father never won. But all of that wasn't supposed to be staged in Mania, it was supposed to be aired at another as-yet-unidentified time during the year.

The fact is that WWE wanted Dwayne Johnson in that commercial and they also contacted Steve Austin for that commercial, which tells you how much the company did not want Rhodes to go and be one of the headlines of the show and above all to win the title, against Reigns Then".

Update on Cody Rhodes

In his latest interview given to the microphones of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, in the Broken Skull Session column and reported transcribed by the Sportskeeda site, Cody Rhodes wanted to reveal the reason for this sensational return, saying: "In the end, the bottom line is that she was my baby, she grew up (AEW ed) and people still had fun, even without me.

Because I thought, that he didn't need me anymore… but I'm not completely honest, maybe he still needed me, but this is what I needed; I didn't want to be the wrestler who keeps the door. I didn't want it to be 'This is a Cody, AEW thing'

Some people saw it and still see it that way, but not everyone. 'First show, then they wrestle Cody, then they do the Chris Jericho podcast' There's even a meme for that. I didn't want to be there to be the guardian". In practice, Cody Rhodes wanted to return to having a leading role in the ring and therefore thought of returning to WWE, where in fact he managed in less than a year to immediately win the Royal Rumble and thus go to the main event of WrestleMania.

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