Bray Wyatt makes WWE big money

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Bray Wyatt makes WWE big money

During last Saturday's live broadcast of the Royal Rumble, WWE staged a new particular match almost totally in the dark: the so-called Mountain Dew Pitch Black match. The match is also known only as a Pitch Black match, with WWE however earning a lot with the brand of the famous line of American energy drinks.

Precisely from this sponsorship, tens and tens of thousands of dollars would have arrived at WWE, with Pepsi, owner of the Mountain Dew line, which would have agreed with the McMahons, for massive publicity in that match, which happened, as for the Zombie from Batista's movie two years ago.

To reveal the dizzying figures received by WWE for this match, the usual Dave Meltzer took care of it, speaking to the microphones of the Wrestling Observer Radio show, with such indiscretion that it would then also pass through the pages of Ringside News, with Meltzer stating: "Well, you know what's behind the Mountain Dew thing, a million dollar deal.

This significant amount of money can make such deals. It was a really bad match and they didn't last long. I think Pepsi will make a better choice from now on where to spend millions of dollars, s on a match like that or something, maybe.

I don't know, a PPV that has been seen by two million people". Bray Wyatt's comeback has also generated a mixed response from fans, with many questioning the former Universal Champion's overly convoluted storyline.

Bray Wyatt attracts fans

During the live broadcast of the Royal Rumble a week ago, WWE wanted to make Uncle Howdy take his first steps in a concrete way, a mysterious character about whom absolutely nothing is known yet, on the company's television screens.

In the Pitch Black match between Bray Wyatt and LA Knight, in fact, Howdy was included in an important way in the contest, with the mysterious character who could respond to the identity of Bo Dallas, who physically attacked Wyatt's opponent.

Tonight on Smackdown, however, an alliance between the two dark individuals of the blue show seems to have been made official, with Uncle Howdy reaching Bray Wyatt backstage at the show, putting a hand on his shoulder and letting the audience in the arena understand and to the one connected from home, how the two are now in cahoots.

After an initial quarrel between the two, in fact, which had led Wyatt to be attacked in the ring by Howdy, with a resounding Sister Abigail a few weeks ago, the two would now be working together, as shown by the footage staged by WWE.

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