What are WWE's plans for Cody Rhodes?

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What are WWE's plans for Cody Rhodes?

After several months in the pits with injury, Cody Rhodes made his return to the Royal Rumble during the men's Royal Brawl, with WWE having already anticipated the thing to the fans instead of keeping it as a surprise, even though it was in the air that he could actually come back on this occasion.

But what amazed the WWE Universe even more was a precise element that was discovered during the contest, in fact after all the other 28 athletes had entered, with Rey Mysterio left out due to an injury, everyone understood that the number 30 would have been the American Nightmare and so in fact it was, with someone who also complained about it.

The reason for this choice by WWE was provided to us by Dave Melzter in his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), transcribed for us by Inside The Ropes, where we read: "In the broadcast during the pre-show, they clarified that Zayn wouldn't make it to the Rumble.

The live crowd didn't see and therefore wouldn't know. But since Rhodes' return to the Rumble was a major selling point of the show and he hadn't entered when it came time for issue #30, it had to be him. He got a gigantic pop, given the videos showing his story, return to Mania, match with Rollins with a torn pec, surgery and rehab.

There were a few boos from people who wanted it to be Zayn, few enough for it to matter and it only lasted a few seconds..."

Cody Rhodes is a true champion

The reporter went on to say: “Even if it wasn't the perfect babyface move to have the heel starting at 56:30 before the babyface when it was the bottom two, or for booking that practically gave the number 30 to Cody Rhodes, put anyone else at number 30 would probably have led to a very negative live reaction because it wasn't Zayn.

Rhodes was the man they could count on to assuage any fan negativity. Zayn shouldn't have been in the Rumble if he didn't win it, because that would only piss off the people who wanted him in the main event spot." Sami Zayn will therefore not go against Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 39, after betraying him in the Royal Rumble main event, but the two will compete at Elimination Chamber as announced last night on SmackDown.

This indicates that WWE isn't 'married' to the idea of Rhodes becoming WWE Champion: ''The fact WWE wanted Dwayne Johnson in the spot, and even contacted Steve Austin for the spot, tells you they weren’t married to the idea of Rhodes having to headline the show or win the title, at least from Reigns.' '

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