Eric Bischoff on WCW and stopping live events

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Eric Bischoff on WCW and stopping live events

Eric Bischoff talked about a variety of topics in an interview with "Strictly Business." One of the topics was WCW, where Bischoff was doing a great job. At one point, Eric decided to stop with live events, and he explained the reasons for that.

“My argument, although unoriginal as it was, was if you build it, they will come,” said Bischoff, as quoted by “Let’s quit trying to convince people to come when they’re not interested in our television show.

Let’s put all of our resources into television, shut down the live events, focus on a television product until such time the television product becomes so successful that people are going to want to go see a version of it live”.

Eric Bischoff on AEW

In his “83 Weeks,” podcast, he talked about AEW and compared it to WWE. AEW is doing a great job and is a huge competition to other companies. Tony Khan knows what he wants. “I’ve said from day one that I prefer AEW’s production values.

It’s not too glossy, it’s not too pretty. It’s perfectly flawed. I feel like I’m in the arena. Long-term I think Mike Mansury was the best acquisition that Tony Khan has made to date, including talent,” he said.

“Mike gets it. But when you produce a show like WWE does, it’s too pretty. When I watch WWE, I feel like I’m in a movie theater. I don’t feel like I’m there”. Bischoff also recalled the tandem of Bagwell and Scorpio who did great things in WWE.

“I loved it. You know you go back and watch Too Cold Scorpio at that period in time you know he was an innovator. He was doing things in the ring and Scorpio wasn’t a cruiserweight. He might not have been six foot five or six or seven, but he was a solid 240 at least and could fly like a 160 pounder and at that time it was kind of a new thing. With Buff’s looks and his abilities it was a pretty dynamic team”.

Eric Bischoff