Samoa Joe believes that he has been fined the most times in TNA

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Samoa Joe believes that he has been fined the most times in TNA

In an interview with The Sessions with Renée Paquette, Samoa Joe talked about fines in TNA. “I think I am the most fiend/suspended guy in TNA history. Maybe not by this point, I don’t know. [Renee asks what for] You know, I just get upset, you know, at things and I just wouldn’t handle it the right way.

And I flipped but well, here’s the thing. It’s never physical. You know, I’ve never assaulted anybody, never gonna threaten anybody’s life. It’s not me, but I think if anybody’s been around when I’m – which I guess you have when I’m hot.

And I’m shouting about things I’m told it’s like, very terrifying. And it seems very like violence is about to pop off and stuff. So I mean, I think that’s really the gist. I remember the times there was like, anytime I had a big pop-off and somebody else would have something similar.

Like I was always punished way more and it was like we were just scarier. It’s like, all right, cool”. - he said, as quoted by

Samoa Joe on WWE adventures

"The Sessions," Renee Paquette was an opportunity for him to talk about his adventures in WWE as well as the fact that he was released twice.

“As I understand it, unconfirmed, there’s issues between the two upper echelons of management and they were playing out their war with the careers and the contracts of the people underneath them. So after the initial one, I mean, I didn’t have much of a chance to grieve because essentially I was hired back within hours.

The second time, I just kind of chuckled because I realized it was very much the same situation. At the same time, I mean, I wasn’t bitter or mad. I mean, the truth of it is, and really this is to give WWE some credence, was that I was expensive.

I was expensive to keep around and if cutting my contract they said saved the company money, trust me, I believe they did. So I wasn’t hot about that. It was more just the silliness of the situation and what they were doing and the reasoning why they’re doing it, which I can’t officially confirm, but I’ve heard from enough people that have a pretty good idea, including many of the people involved.

After that, I think I spent a day kind of pissed, like I said, more of the situation than the actual firing, and then all these super awesome opportunities literally materialized out of nowhere”.

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