The Usos could miss a huge event

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The Usos could miss a huge event

The next big PPV that WWE will stage from Canada, exactly from Montreal, is Elimination Chamber, an event of the same name that takes its name from the company's cages built in the early 2000s. During the event, WWE also formalized the titled match between Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn, with the former Bloodline participant who will therefore try to have his revenge against the Tribal Chief, after the burning blow taken at the Royal Rumble, after watching his lifelong friend be beaten and beaten up by the entire Samoan family.

Apparently, however, it seems that the Usos will not be able to take part in the WWE PPV event, due to the legal problems they had with the arrests of Jimmy Uso in recent years, the famous DUI cases. As reported by the pages of Ringside News in the last few hours, it is very likely that the Usos will not leave for Canada, given the very restrictive requests of the country, for people who have violated the law in foreign countries.

Just as happened in several other WWE events held on Canadian soil, therefore, the participation of The Usos in the Elimination Chamber is almost certainly excluded, with WWE having to invent something to temporarily eliminate the two champions from circulation, and then reappear also just the week after.

Latest update on The Usos

During the Friday Night Smackdown episode aired on Friday night, WWE wanted to conclude the tournament dedicated to the search for two new No. 1 contenders for the blue show's tag titles, currently held by The Usos, just like Monday's tag team Night Raw.

Surprisingly, Ricochet and Braun Strowman won the final of the tournament, beating the Imperium's Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci in the final. On the night of Smackdown, in fact, Ricochet managed to pin Kaiser after an assisted Swanton Bomb, with the pair set up almost randomly by WWE who will then go on to challenge the Usos for a titled match in the next episode of the blue show, trying to snatch the Smackdown titles to the couple champions, who have held them for 565 days now.

Following Jey Uso's exit from Bloodline, we'll see how the two try to work together again next week. Apart from The Usos defending the Undisputed Tag Team Championship, Ricochet will also be in action against Top Dolla of Hit Row in a Royal Rumble Qualifying match, with the victor winning a coveted spot in the prestigious matchup.

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