Huge WWE star pays tribute to John Cena

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Huge WWE star pays tribute to John Cena

One of the greatest and now legendary athletes of the last few years of WWE, but also of the entire history of the federation, (we dare say), is undoubtedly John Cena, multiple world champion of the McMahons who in recent years has however distanced himself quite a lot from the Stamford federation for his film commitments.

Cena's character and workaholicism have left their mark for years in the rings of the McMahon company, so much so that several athletes have been literally struck by his contribution to the history of wrestling and one above all, seems to be Seth Rollins, who in his last interview spoke of John as a mentor, still today, in the WWE rings.

Recently interviewed by the microphones of Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Seth Rollins wanted to talk about how John Cena influenced his career, saying: "John is the greatest of all time. John is the best. John is amazing. And you know, I've taken a lot from his career.

John has influenced so many talents over the years, he's been a generational guy. It's tough for me, but on the other side of the coin, John has influenced what I do so heavily. I really took inspiration from John. I learned so much being in the ring with John.

I also learned so much from seeing John behind the scenes. And John is still a mentor to me, even now, even though he's not around here very often."

Seth Rollins praises John Cena

Will John Cena be at WrestleMania 39? This is the question that all enthusiasts have been asking themselves for several months.

According to some experts, the 16-times world champion should face Austin Theory in one of the most anticipated matches of the Showcase of the Immortals. We remind you that the 2023 edition of Mania will be held on April 1 and 2 at the SoFi Stadium, a stone's throw from Hollywood.

According to Variety's Katherine Tulich, the Cenation leader will be busy filming the film Ricky Stanicky shortly before Wrestlemania. The film directed by director Peter Farrelly will be shot in Melbourne, Australia, between February and March.

The stars of the film will be John Cena and Zac Efron. The Boston champion will have little time available to prepare for his match against Theory at WrestleMania. “John Cena will be busy filming Peter Farrelly's new film.

Ricky Stanicky is the name of a fictional character invented by three friends in order to have someone to blame for their misdeeds. When suspicions begin to arise, the three are forced to hire a down-and-out actor to bring Stanicky to life. Cena will play Stanicky” – reads on Variety.

John Cena