New details on Shane McMahon's future

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New details on Shane McMahon's future

It has been known for some time that between Stephanie Mcmahon, Triple H and Shane McMahon there was not a good, idyllic and serene relationship, but many have never known where this hatred could have come from, this disagreement within the McMahon family.

Yet Shane himself had told it in an interview that went unnoticed a few years ago, when to the microphones of a broadcast hosted by Mick Foley he had recounted how he was very embittered by not having come to know in time about the relationship between his sister and Triple H, with the two having kept the matter a secret even from Shane himself.

As Vince Mcmahon's eldest son reported in the interview more than 5 years ago, in fact: "Initially it was…whether they fit together is all I care about. You know, before it was more old school, especially for the boss's daughter, she was never supposed to date talent at that point, because it was necessary to maintain a separation.

By then he had been and church, or office and the boys, he should have. So there was a lot of old school stuff inside. The thing is, they didn't feel comfortable with me and kept it from me for quite a while, so I didn't like it at all."

Backstage news on Shane McMahon

Although Shane McMahon passed away in early 2022 from WWE, due to the backstage commotion at the Royal Rumble, with his plans for Elimination Chamber and Wrestlemania eventually cancelled, Vince McMahon's eldest son still earned a exorbitant figure for his appearances at the beginning of the year.

According to the last WWE shareholders' meeting, which took place a few weeks ago, Shane would have earned almost one million euros for his 2022 performances. In the documents drawn up for the WWE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, in fact, we read: "Shane B McMahon is Mr McMahon's son.

In 2022, Shane McMahon was hired as an independent performer contractor by the company and received a fee of approximately $828,000 in connection with his services". At the moment and also in the past year, therefore, Shane McMahon has never been placed under contract to the family company, with his contribution being paid only as a sort of token contract, in which there was no strings attached, unlike the contracts of the other Superstars in the company.

Vince McMahon exited the company due to alleged misconduct but recently made his shocking return. Vince was unanimously elected as the Executive Chairman of the Board yesterday.

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