Alexa Bliss on Working Hard

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Alexa Bliss on Working Hard

There are many wrestlers in the world that work hard, but only a few that can work smart. The wrestlers that work hard and work smart are able to do what the fans like. The objective of a wrestler is to make money for his/her promotion.

He/she can only do that if he/she has something that the promotion can sell well. Most professional wrestlers do not make it to the ‘big time’. They spend years on the indie circuit and wrestle for various promotions before even being considered by the WWE.

The WWE itself has a smaller brand called NXT. Some wrestlers need to prove themselves first at NXT before being called to the main roster. Many of the best wrestlers of today in the WWE came from NXT. Alexa Bliss was also an NXT wrestler.

Bliss is now one of the best wrestlers in the WWE right now. She spoke with Justin Barrasso about how hard she worked ever since being drafted to Smackdown. "I knew I'd be an underwhelming draft pick to SmackDown [in 2016]; I wasn't [one of the] Four Horsewoman, I wasn't given the opportunity to have a TakeOver match, I'd never held a title.

Being smaller in stature, especially at the start of our Women's Revolution, I've worked extremely hard over these past three years. I went into my first WrestleMania as SmackDown women's champion and my second WrestleManiaas Raw women's champion. It's been a very fun journey, and I'm still enjoying the ride."