Naomi changes her name on social media

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Naomi changes her name on social media

After seeing her leave the WWE scene after their shootout on Monday Night Raw, Sasha Banks and Naomi have never returned to the McMahon family company, with Mercedes Mone (the former Sasha Banks) now even working for NJPW.

If in recent weeks it seemed that Naomi could be ever closer to WWE, with her sensational return that could have been kept under track by the leadership of the federation, in the last few hours a small but at the same time fundamental detail would seem to change the matter.

In the last few hours, Trinity Fatu, this Naomi's real name would have changed her biography on her Instagram, inserting only her real name. Under that, Naomi also wrote "JUST TRINITY" or "ONLY TRINITY", making WWE fans understand how she no longer wants to be called in other ways and therefore Naomi, distancing the McMahon company more and more.

New details on Naomi

Months after her last appearance on WWE TV screens, which now arrived in May last year, with former WWE main roster tag team champion Naomi, who had decided to leave the company during an episode of Monday Night Raw with the his partner Sasha Banks, the wife of Jimmy Uso has reappeared online with new shots.

The beautiful Naomi was in fact the protagonist of some high fashion shots for the L'Officiel Baltic Sports Edition. In these images, however, Naomi shows a completely different and new look compared to how fans of the WWE Universe remembered her, with Jimmy Uso's wife who in fact showed a new much shorter haircut, with straight hair and a serious look that not all of us were used to.

Former WWE star Ariane Andrew, aka Cameron, recently opened up about her fight with Naomi on the first season of Total Divas. "It was so bad, to the point I was like, 'We're not friends anymore,'" Cameron said. "I was like, 'I'm not friends with you.'

I was like, 'I'm done. You're good.' It was bad. I remember being in each other's face. I pushed her, she pushed me, and I was like, 'Don't you f***ing touch me. I was so upset to the point when I get that mad, I started crying because that's how mad I was.

That's the time too there was no official, 'This is going anywhere,' and so I just remember it was so fresh and so new, and I'm thinking like, 'Damn, I'm about to lose a friendship over something we didn't even know [if the show would air].' "