*Spoiler* Edge will participate in another important match

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*Spoiler* Edge will participate in another important match

WWE is building its next PPV in the best possible way, before fully dedicating itself to the most anticipated event of the year: Wrestlemania. The passage before the Showcase of the Immortals, however, is called Elimination Chamber, with the ppv that takes its name from the infernal cages with the slots inside that keep the wrestlers locked up for tens of minutes, which this year will be dedicated to the title of United States and finding a new No.

1 contender for the title of Bianca Belair. During the Monday Night Raw episode aired tonight, WWE wanted to build another great match that had been in the air for some time, namely the mixed tag team match between Edge and his wife Beth Phoenix on one side and Judgment Day on the other, formed for this occasion by Rhea Ripley and Finn Balor.

Tonight, in the episode of the red show, Edge and Beth wanted to challenge the two heels of the Raw stable, with husband and wife who will return to the ring in Canada, Edge's home country, just like Sami Zayn's, who will go instead to challenge the Tribal Chief for the world titles.

Is Edge's contract expiring?

According to what was reported in recent weeks by the well-known Sean Ross Sapp of the Fightful website, it seems that the agreement between Edge and WWE is about to end, with the well-known journalist in fact stating: “Some WWE sources confirm that Edge still has a deal with limited dates, which justifies the fact that we only see him on the scene intermittently since the feud with the split from Judgment Day.

Another source confirmed to us that last summer's cartoons were a way to 'buy a few weeks' for Edge's return to TV and give the creative team more time to build some more big matches for the rest of the year, i which then went on stage with Balor and Priest.

In 2020, Edge was reported to have signed a three-year, 25-appearance, 5-match deal for each year. However, apparently all of this was incorrect or at least not entirely, as Edge has wrestled ten matches in 2021 and has already wrestled 6 in 2022.

We're still not sure if his deal is about to expire or how many appearances he still has on his contract. If the duration reported was correct, the contract will end shortly, unless it has been frozen due to his injury. They haven't confirmed that either."

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