*Spoiler* Baron Corbin has been betrayed

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*Spoiler* Baron Corbin has been betrayed

To try to save Baron Corbin's character, in recent weeks, WWE had partnered him with JBL, with the "Wrestling God" who was to act as manager to the athlete who previously performed in the Friday Night Smackdown rings. However, since the beginning of their partnership, Baron Corbin has collected almost only defeats in the rings on Monday Night Raw, with the last one arriving this very night, in the last episode of the red show.

After seeing Baron Corbin try to do everything to beat Dexter Lumis in their single match tonight, it was the former NXT with the golden mustache who prevailed, who beat Baron Corbin, sending on all furious Jbl, who lost sight of us in the backstage and blurted out against his client.

After scolding him, JBL told Corbin that he was ashamed of his performance and that everything he did alongside him only ruined his reputation as a Wrestlemania headline and former world champion, leaving Baron alone backstage and destroying their partnership.

Baron Corbin praises Triple H

In his latest speech to the microphones of the Johnny Dare Morning Show, Baron Corbin wanted to list the various differences in the way Vince McMahon and Triple H work, underlining the main ones.

Regarding the booking, Corbin said: "The show has received new energy, new life and for me to be there on Monday nights, while I'm still preparing and being placed on a new agenda, being rostered and figuring out who I'm going to work with, but also figuring out who's going to get beat up, who he has more face to punch, than me.

It's fun, it's beautiful, we're not just running for something. This is the thing I love most about Triple H, he is a true and deep believer, for him it's a marathon, not a race. He likes to play slow, he doesn't want to waste people.

If you don't have something important to do on tv, he'll tell you 'we don't need this right now because it wouldn't be good for you or anyone out there' He wants to have a proposition whenever someone is out there on tv. He's a guy who really wants his talents and his families to be happy.

Vince McMahon has also been the same for years, but his mentality was 'go, go, go' The amazing thing is that he went to training at 3am, he is a machine and he expects everyone else to also they around him are machines."

Baron Corbin