Cody Rhodes on The Rock's return and stories within WWE

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Cody Rhodes on The Rock's return and stories within WWE

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Cody Rhodes spoke about the storyline involving him and The Bloodline. “I love that you bring it up that these stories are running parallel, I think sometimes wrestling fans think it’s got to one or it’s got to me the other, whereas I subscribe – and I’m not in charge – I subscribe to give them everything.

That’s where it really takes smart planners and creative individuals on how you layer it, but it’s very important and this is something I learned when I was away, is that if someone’s doing great, and they are entertaining and helping move that ship forward – and I would say Seth Rollins is another example on Raw was another when I was gone who’s really changed and continued to carry Raw on his back.

I was fully expecting these things to converge, and I’m still expecting them to converge just because we have these wonderful options”. - he said, as quoted by

Cody Rhodes on company stories

Cody Rhodes thinks that the stories within the company are great and that there is no need for new things.

His goal is to win the championship belt. “With all the respect in the world to one of the GOATs The Rock, it looks like the options we have here within the roster are even better because of the stories that are happening.

One story about finishing something that started in 1978 – seven years before I was even born – and another story of really the tragedy of being welcomed into the Bloodline and then what you saw unfolds. I think with the amount of time between now and Wrestlemania, it’s important I keep my eyes squarely fixed on WrestleMania, squarely wrestling for the WWE Undisputed Championship and as you hinted that may not be against Roman Reigns.

Now I don’t know if anyone can beat Roman Reigns, I truly don’t, but for me, it’s about picking up the chip. I love the melodrama,I love the heaviness in these stories that develop in our industry, but I am very simply a man who’s looking for a belt.

I’m looking for a championship title belt, the most important one in our world the biggest in all – not just in the WWE bubble but in all the bubbles – and be the first to say as a Rhodes I did it, and it wasn’t Dusty Rhodes and it wasn’t Dustin Rhodes it was Cody Rhodes”.

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