What are WWE's plans for Roman Reigns?


What are WWE's plans for Roman Reigns?
What are WWE's plans for Roman Reigns?

After seeing the resounding victory of the son of the American Dream, Cody Rhodes, in that Royal Rumble, with the younger son of the WWE Hall of Famer who immediately came to the big victory in the match on his return from injury, big seems to be coming news also for the titled round of Wrestlemania 39, where Roman Reigns seemed to have to work overtime.

If for a few weeks there had been talk of a possible double date with the Tribal Chief in the ring, on the two nights of the show of the shows, now more detailed information is emerging on what awaits Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 39.

In the last few hours, Dave Meltzer wanted to speak to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, stating: "The key to this is that they are not creating a new title match for Saturday night and show. Yes, because they are talking about a second title match on Saturday night.

If it was Roman and The Rock, then they would have created a title match on Saturday night that Cody would probably have ended up winning. But, was it Cody or Drew or Rollins that should have come out of there. Now they want to make a second one, because they want to go back to having two titles”.

Apparently, therefore, Cody should go for both titles of Reigns, even if initially the idea was to give him only one title and not both.

Update on Roman Reigns

After abandoning dreams of glory in the company of the Khans, Cody is back to thinking big with WWE, with his victory in the men's brawl royal taking him directly into the main event of Wrestemania 39, against Roman Reigns.

However, Cody Rhodes seems to have previously been interested in another type of career besides that of a wrestler, with Dusty Rhodes' youngest son often telling journalists who interviewed him that he wanted to become president of the USA.

Speaking to the microphones of Logan Paul's podcast, his famous Impaulsive, Cody Rhodes left fans stunned, saying he had changed his opinion on this choice, saying: "I don't want to run for president anymore. It seems like a terrible thing.

Then I also have this tattoo on my neck. The guy who made it for me also designed it and I've always liked the design. The design of the American Nightmare was what it was." Roman Reigns is embroiled in one of the greatest modern WWE feuds involving Sami Zayn and The Bloodline.

“This was done because they were well aware of how h*t the Sami Zayn thing is and it was imperative to not have this WrestleMania main event angle feel secondary."

Roman Reigns Universal Champion